Rat Predators

If you belong to that majority of kids who've grown up with cartoons, there are high chances that you know that cats eat rats. Because our childhood has been passed in chuckling at the very famous cat and mouse cartoon series Tom and Jerry, there was, in reality, some truth behind it. It might be difficult to accept that your amicable neighborhood cat would eat a rat, but there is an incredible possibility that they as of now have done that. 

Domestic cats are not the only species of cats that enjoy eating or chasing a rat to death. Wildcats like bobcats and mountain lions chase them too. 

Yet, other than cats, the list of animals that rats goes long. A huge number of animals around the globe like to prey on rats. 


Most dogs are truly keen on rats, and if you do see one going after the rat, probably you will have a lot of mess to clean up later, as dogs don't, for the most part, eat rats just play with them. 

The most widely recognized rat-catching dog breeds are terriers. Terriers have been seen to chase rodents of multiple types that stay underground. Thanks to their little bodies, they can rapidly dig out the hole and catch their prey. 


While coyotes would want to get their pawns on your pets, for example, rabbits, cats, and even little dogs, they have been known to eat rats, as well. Coyotes are lazy when it comes to eating routine and will move it to whatever prey is available at the moment. 

Birds of prey and Hawks

While eagles love to eat fish, but they have also been known to never let go of a decent dinner escape, regardless of whether that feast is a rat. 

Just like eagle, hawks don't eat rats usually. Generally, they appreciate other little birds, or bigger ground animals, for example, rabbits, gophers, and squirrels. However, the red tail hawks, which are discovered the whole way across North America, wouldn't fret rats excessively, and will even chase them during the day. 


This is another of mother earth's animals that have a predefined species dedicated only to eating rats. The rat snake, which is basically all through the southern United States, can regularly be found in urban regions and possess abandoned places and barns. Most different snakes will just eat around twelve or so rats a year. 


Possums chase, kill, and expend the biggest number of rat and mice among all the predators. They are probably the best forager, and in obvious scrounger style will eat anything, including rats, in any condition. 


It might come to you as a surprise, but humans do contribute to a big chunk of the rat population control. This is predominantly because of steady deforestation, our industrious interruption with their natural biological system, and human-made rat control methods. That being stated, humans assume a little job in rat predator category.

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