Armadillo Predators

Armadillos or Dillos are typically seen as harmless animals and dreadful casualties of roadkill. Regardless, with an expanding population in states like Florida, they are representing a serious health risk  to the human populace which brings us to take into account some real factors about armadillos to understand potential issues. But like all other animals, armadillos do have enemies as well, which animals eat armadillos, one may ask. Well, the answer to that is simple, any animal that is bigger than an armadillo. 

What animals eat armadillos? 

There is a reason why armadillo has that defensive armor! Various predators, or natural enemies, like to eat armadillos. The biggest among them is the coyote. Such predators as bobcats, cougars, wolves, bears, raccoons and even some species of hawks and different bords of prey will also attack and eat up an armadillo. 

Armadillos dont have so many wild predators, to be honest, however, coyotes, dogs, black bears, bobcats, cougars, foxes, and raccoons are known to catch and kill armadillos in places where these predators exist. Hawks, owls and pigs may prey on armadillo youthful. Research showed a decrease in the armadillo population with an increase in pig populations. Humans and roadways are significant sources of mortality in numerous regions


Though armadillos are not the primary prey of the owls, however, they are probably the most fierce trackers in the bird realm and can chase animals up to multiple times their size. They catch and eat the standard little rodents, just as armadillos, raccoons, bats, weasels, skunks, and even porcupines 


Bobcats are subtle and rare to be seen. They are generally little, females weighing 10-18 lbs. and guys up to 25 lbs. Bobcats prey on armadillos. Other than armadillos, they eat squirrels, rabbits, and different rodents. Now and then they will eat birds, eggs, little deer, and any sort of roadkill they can find when hungry. This is why in urban areas, where you will hardly find bobcats and other big predators, people use a bobcat, coyote, fox or other predator urines to scare armadillos away from their properties. 


Coyotes are known to be the biggest armadillos predators all around the worldwide.  Coyotes are profoundly adaptable and live in and around urban communities over the US, semi-bone-dry environments, forested areas, prairies/grasslands, and mountainous areas. Coyotes are around 25-40 lbs. other than armadillos, they fundamentally feed on rabbits, rodents, and insects, yet they also eat carrion, reptiles, snakes, organic product, vegetables and even fish. 


Take a foxs name around an armadillo and it will scare the shit out of the poor animal and soon, he will be nowhere to be seen. Ah, I wish it was this simple but jokes apart, foxes do prey on armadillos.

The gray fox is just around 5-10 lbs. and other than armadillos, they eat things, for example, mice, rats, rabbits, insects oak seeds, berries, and birds. Foxes can be active during the day, yet they are significantly more so around evening time. 


As shocking as it might sound to many people, do humans feed on armadillos? It might appear to be an odd question yet the answer is a resounding "Yes". People in many parts of Central and South America like an armadillo meat is frequently used as a part of daily eating routine. The meat is said to possess a flavor like fine-grained, high-quality pork. You wont believe but human urine is also used as a scare tactic around the world to get rid of armadillos. 

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